How plants can positively affect your home ?

How plants can positively affect your home ?

Do you regularly search for decoration at the garden shop?  In search of the most beautiful greenery for indoors? Then we have good news for you! You not only make your home more beautiful and warmer, but more greenery in the house also promotes air quality and your health. A piece of nature indoors also ensures that you can create a soulful home.


Houses are so well insulated nowadays that fortunately, you don't have to suffer from cold, warm air stays inside. An additional disadvantage of this is that hardly any fresh air can enter, causing pollen, bacteria and even fungi to accumulate. You can, of course, open a few windows for much-needed oxygen indoors, but that's not really an always an option. Then the presence of plants is therefore extra important!

These plants, like trees and other vegetation, ensure that there is (sufficient) oxygen on the earth and that pollution is prevented. Ideally, you have at least one plant per 1000 square foot, that's best to do, right? Now you probably also want to know which types of plants are best suited to decorate your house. Fortunately, NASA has done a lot of research on this, so here's a list of domestic greens they recommend: the spoon plant (Spathiphyllum wallisii), the Epipremnum aureum (Scindapsus aures), the ivy (Hedera helix), chrysanthemums (Chrysantheium morifolium), and gerberas (Gerbera jamesonii). On to the store!


Photosynthesis, you have heard that term during your biology lessons in high school. In this natural process, plants extract carbon dioxide from the air and then release oxygen. What you probably haven't heard during those classes is that some plants don't need sunlight at all for that oxygen delivery. Place a few orchids, succulents, or a bromeliad in your bedroom to maintain the oxygen level there too.


According to research from the Norwegian University NMBU, adding some green to your home has been shown to reduce the risk of dry skin, a cold, sore throat, and dry coughs. Because the moisture in the leaves of the plant evaporates, you have a kind of green humidifier in your room! In fact, according to the American Institute of Medical Science, higher humidity can reduce the chance of the flu virus being transmitted.


So houseplants not only ensure that your house looks (even) more beautiful, but also detoxify things. So the next time you score a new interior, think: green!

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