Improve your meditation with aromatherapy


The scent of serenity.

You have the perfect space to meditate, the music sounds soft and dreamy, and you have just the perfect cushion to sit on. What are you still missing? A carefully chosen fragrance that gives peace of mind and body.

Meditation is the best way to strengthen the link between body and mind. By focusing on your breathing you become aware of the feeling of your body and you can clear your head: all your senses are working to help you be present in the moment. But your meditation is only really complete if you involve your fifth sense: your sense of smell.

Scientists have discovered that certain scents, such as jasmine, yuzu, and nutmeg, have a direct impact on your body: your heart rate slows down and you are completely relaxed within ten minutes. Lavender is perhaps the most well-known scent that gives peace: research shows that the scent has an effect on mild insomnia, anxiety, and sometimes even depression. It is therefore no surprise that your meditation becomes even more effective with aromatherapy.


If you meditate to give your body and mind a sense of inner harmony, adding a soothing fragrance will help you relax even more. Massage your temples with lavender oil to give your meditation an extra dimension. Lavender has been scientifically proven to calm your orthosympathetic nervous system. If you smell lavender, both your brain and your body go into relaxation mode.


Scented candles are an excellent alternative. For centuries, people have been using candles to evoke a sense of calm. Lighting a candle and watching the flame is almost a ceremonial act. As you focus on your breath, you also breathe in the soothing scent, a signal to your scent receptors to calm down. After all, breathing in peace and breathing out negativity is an important aspect of meditation.


Sometimes you can increase your concentration by meditating. Suppose you are busy with an intensive project at work and decide to meditate beforehand. The powerful, minty scent of eucalyptus has been known to sharpen your senses and make you more alert. Surrounding yourself with this fragrance during your meditation will give you a sense of focus and perseverance. You are then ready to start your project.

The fragrance has a huge impact on your emotions, but it also triggers your brain and body to take action. So don't forget the smell during your next meditation.

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