Let the sun into your house

Let the sun into your house

5 boosters for body and soul

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and nature is bursting open as the weather warms up. And you're stuck in the house. The solution is simple: capture that radiant energy from nature and bring it in to give your body and mind a new boost. The advantages? A better mood, a summery living room, and an instant dose of positivity.

Read on for more tips to make your life lighter.


Walkthrough your house. In which places do you get a lot of natural light? Which rooms feel dark and dejected? The simplest way to get a sunny feeling is to work with the light that is already there. Are you blessed with many windows? Use it gratefully! Place your furniture so that you are always in the sun.

If not much light enters, you create the illusion of light with mirrors. Or use elements such as plants and natural textiles as a reference to nature. If your home has many rich, heavy elements, such as dark velvet and moody tones, consider introducing small elements, such as airy linen curtains and fresh flowers. Keep a few spots open for change so you can adjust the decor whenever you want. You can really have a good mood about that.


Now that you've made your environment bright and vibrant, look for other ways to brighten up your home. Does it smell like a happy home? Do you get a positive vibe when you open the door and breathe in the fragrance? Fragrances work as an instant mood booster, and they can instantly put you in a good mood. Citrus scents are the ultimate energizers, they give you a boost of energy with every sniff, but for a real dose of summer atmospheres you better use cheerful light floral scents.


Indeed: use your meals to boost your mood! Researchers have found that a diet high in vegetables gives you a huge dose of lasting happiness. You may think that a sweet snack or chips make you happier (we all know those moments), but a vegetable snack gives you a much better feeling, with a longer-lasting effect for body and mind.


If you have ever taken a yoga class, you are already familiar with the sun salutation. There are dozens of variations on this invigorating yoga series, but all of them propagate the idea of paying tribute to the sun. If you do this every morning, you will soon notice the many benefits. Your muscles become stronger, your body tightens and your digestion and kidney function improve. It even stimulates your prana, the Sanskrit term for life force. Yoga exercises also have the advantage of making you calmer and more present at the moment.


The last secret to get a sunny mood? It depends on your approach. Even when there is no beach in sight, you can get a summery look by taking a more positive attitude. It may not be easy, but happiness really is in the little things. You can start your day with a meditation, take a few minutes every day to nurture the meaningful moments in your life, or start a creative hobby, such as journaling or drawing. Look into your own heart to find out what makes you feel happy and sunny and include it as an integral part of your daily routine.



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