Why are we planting trees ?

Why are we planting trees ?


The latest global events, such as fires in the Amazon rainforest and Australia, have been a great wake-up call to the situation on the planet. Deforestation, pollution, overexploitation of finite natural resources. We currently live in a climate change crisis that is the result of many mistakes made by human actions throughout history.
When we embraced this project, we wanted to share our passion for yoga with you; but we also wanted to do something for our home, for our planet. We wanted to raise awareness about relevant causes; We wanted to show that we must live sustainably and that it's time to take conscious actions. That's why we partnered with One Tree Planted!

Who is One Tree Planted?

Founded by Matt Hill, One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation and educating consumers about the importance of trees to the environment.

According to the founder, 6 pillars explain its benefits:

1- AIR: They absorb carbon dioxide and release clean oxygen back into the air. Trees are true atmospheric-filters!

2- WATER: They prevent floods, by capturing rainwater and absorbing it by the roots. Also, they can filter water pollutants, preventing them from being carried to the ocean.

3- BIODIVERSITY: They are the source of food and home to millions of species worldwide!

4- SOCIAL: They create endless 'green' job opportunities, bring freshness to urban areas and work as an incredible educational resource for group activities.

5- HEALTH: Their shade protects us from the sun, and several studies have shown that places with trees help to heal faster, reduce blood pressure and anxiety.

6- CLIMATE: Trees absorb greenhouse gases, allowing the planet's temperature to cool and reduce global warming.

Protect the PLANET with us!
With each product sold in our online store, we donate $1 to plant trees; This means that every time you gift a friend or a loved one with our products, you'll be saving Earth!
Together we are deepening roots.
Together we are making the difference; Because change is in everyone's hands!
I can't wait to plant my next tree, and you?

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