Unrush- 6 reasons to pick up meditation

Unrush- 6 reasons to pick up meditation

If we think that meditation is only for those who have too much time, think again. This healing method, which is still somewhat undervalued, can be very valuable, but few are used. Research has shown that it helps in everything from overcoming stress to stopping a potentially fatal heart attack. There are many benefits to excluding the outside world for 15-30 minutes with meditation. Here are the most convincing ...

  1. Meditation makes you more productive. If we feel we are out of shape, unable to think, "switch ourselves off" with meditation. It's like restarting your computer. According to a study, meditative silence, sitting with your eyes closed, and thinking without thinking about your breathing and body vibration can greatly improve your brain's work and memory. Working memory is a short-term memory system used to handle information and emotions, complex thinking, and problem-solving. The study found that 12 minutes of meditation daily is enough to reap these benefits.
  2. The remedy for grumpy teens. Do we remember our adolescence when we often thought the whole world was against us? If we had been meditating, we probably wouldn't have felt that way, according to research by Harvard Health School and Boston Women's Hospital. A study in high school students showed that deep breathing and relaxation improve mood. A stress-free way to deal with a variety of teenage "dramas", mood changes caused by hormonal changes.
  3. There is no need for medication besides meditation. A Montreal study revealed that a special kind of meditation, Zen, affects the pain control area of the brain and relieves pain sensitivity. Zen meditation is used primarily by Buddhist monks. Similar to alert meditation, but focusing on breathing and posture instead of physical sensations, eliminating brain misalignment.
  4. Make me happy: Meditation is often used to combat the unpleasant side effects of multiple sclerosis, including fatigue and depression. According to a study published in Neurology, 8 weeks of waking meditation reduced depression symptoms and fatigue by 30 percent in patients with mild to moderate sclerosis.

Although the study involved a specific group of people with chronic conditions, several studies have shown that meditation helps to overcome depression. People learn how to avoid focusing on negative thoughts. Wisconsin researchers have found that the left prefrontal cortex of meditating people, associated with a positive mood, has increased electrical activity.

  1. Meditation helps with hot flashes: these are the ones that can especially make a woman's daily routine sad during menopause. What's more, no one is happy to face the symptoms that lead to another stage in their lives. But since they are inevitable, we better learn to control them. Awareness meditation is a good solution. At first, we may find it funny that we try to overcome our anxiety by meditating. But it can be more effective than medicine for heatwaves and night sweats.
  2. Our heart appreciates meditation: especially useful for heart problems! Our circulatory system benefits from everything that reduces stress, be it Zen or Transcendental (when we release our brains by constantly repeating a mantra). Zen is known to improve the body's internal functioning, blood circulation, and breathing by overcoming stress and anxiety. And transcendental meditation can even save lives. According to a previous study presented at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association, transcendental meditation reduced the incidence of heart attacks and stroke by 50 percent.

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